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Solid wood packing material application status
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Solid wood packing material application status 

More common in China's wood packaging container with ordinary wooden boxes, wooden box, wooden frame, chassis and wire binding box, each year for mechanical and electronic products packaging of 10 million m3 lumber, wood packaging products in our country application method is as follows: 

1) a large wooden boxes (built in 500 kg or more) : mainly used in large-scale mechanical and electrical equipment, instrument, instrument cabinets packing. 

2) small wooden boxes (built in 500 kg below) : mainly used in internal combustion engines and other small electrical and mechanical equipment, metal parts, electronic components, sanitary ware, building materials, household appliances, sporting goods and food fruit and other packaging. 

3) wooden base: applied to large mechanical and electrical equipment and large tank container base fixed. 

4) wooden tray: applied to wrap packaging tray, such as chemical raw materials, articles for daily use, food transport pallets. 

5) wood packaging packing materials: mainly used in packing of tap, diaphragm, stents, fixture, such as wooden shaft wedge packing structure. 


According to the pallet professional committee of China federation of logistics and purchasing in September 2002 to more than 300 tray production companies, tray, use and sales enterprise, according to a preliminary investigation at the time of our country has a total number of various types of tray is about 1.2 ~ 160 million, and keep growing at 20 million a year. Wood tray is widely used in manufacturing industry in our country, the wooden tray accounted for about 90% of the total pallet, other materials such as plastic, steel, plastic wood composite proportion is very small. At present, the circulation of many pallet specification, standardized tray utilization rate is much lower than other developed countries, our country mainly use pallet specifications are: 1100 mm * 1100 mm, 1200 mm * 1000 mm, 2000 mm * 1000 mm, 1500 mm * 1100 mm and so on dozens of, before the two most widely. 


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