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Man-made board packaging materials application status
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Man-made board packaging materials application status 

Directional particle board, plywood and LVL man-made board has been widely used in packing tray manufacturing. OSB now (OSB) have become the main material, wood packaging in the developed countries the OSB was applied to manufacturing packaging pallet and wooden packaging. In North America and Europe, OSB has been recognized as a kind of fast development and mature technology of plank, OSB besides preferred as building materials, of which a considerable part is used in the packaging industry. It not only can make packing box plate and the floor, still can make packing cases, the framework of almost all can replace the wood packaging material. Directional particieboard industry is very developed abroad, according to the American plate industry association (APA), north American OSB2001 for 20 million m3, 2003 to 22 million m3, 2005 is 29.93 million m3. European OSB2001 is 2.005 million m3, 2.005 million is 3.1 million m3, 2005 is 3.5 million m3. According to statistics, since the late 80 s as the U.S. and Canada, the rise in demand for domestic OSB plywood consumption is on the decline. OSB because treated with high temperature drying in the process of manufacturing and high temperature hot pressing, pest, parasites, fungi and rot fungus killed by all, is the world recognized exempted from inspection the packing material, the world packaging association will it as a "level of exposure" of packaging materials. Made of OSB packaging material without fumigation insecticidal processing, recycling is more simple, it is the major foreign cases and pallet industrial packaging materials. 

Used for packaging of man-made board in our country there are plywood, particle board, and a few other board. Such as joinery board are used in wooden packaging, mainly some instruments, food and fruit and other goods transport, joinery board type packing is characteristic of high strength, not easy deformation, not easy to damage, closed, and do not need to fortify measures, the beauty is generous. Foreign development directional particieboard is not mature in the packaging industry in our country to obtain the very good application, has a lot to do with backward directional particleboard industry in China. 

In regard to the development of some special packaging products, there are man-made board application reports, such as packing man-made board barrel is made of bamboo plywood or fiberboard and their leftover material, used in dye, plastic material, hardware and medicine packaging, etc. Wooden broken material after glue mixing, drying the hitches in a special mould and high temperature hot pressing can also be made into all kinds of special-shaped packaging products, is currently moulded the opposite sex in the packaging is widely applied tube and disc packaging, such as cable tray packaging side panel. 

Our country have long sought to use other material to replace wood use, according to the literature, the use of natural bamboo packing and original bamboo as the packaging has a long history. The traditional bamboo packaging technology can only solve the problem of small package, is a bamboo basket crate more, bamboo sheet packing more now is to use high temperature hot pressing plate forming technology of gluing process, such as bamboo plywood. Bamboo veneer framework combination with other materials (wood frame) can be used in large and medium-sized transport packaging products, its weight, performance is superior to solid wood packaging, especially the price is low, can satisfy the conditions of sea, air and other transportation. Currently has development and production of bamboo packaging materials have six series: special bamboo plywood, bamboo plywood, bamboo laminated board, bamboo plywood, bamboo particle board, and bamboo shavings composite board [12]. Bamboo veneer with good physical and mechanical properties, such as abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, insect resistance, high strength, good toughness and impact resistance is strong, its better packaging product development and application in recent years. 

Domestic use of straw materials of packing products have tableware, tray, lining and all kinds of packaging containers. Wuhan green world far east on double foaming plant fibre packing new material, using efficient composite foaming technology, production can replace the antivibration lined with foam plastics EST household appliance product. Dalian institute of light industry after the use of kenaf pulp waste hemp core, add it as a material in a certain proportion of mixed with shavings moulded into particle board; Nanjing forestry university, the use of crops straw or light wood by planing into thin strip shavings compressed into industrial tray. Abroad are currently using plant fiber research and application of the production of packaging materials, but in terms of its process and structural strength should be further improved. 

In addition, in the food packaging industry and the application of man-made board sheet, if there is no aldehyde fiberboard is used in some high-grade moon cake box and tea packaging, in order to improve product added value. Bamboo and bamboo products can also serve as cutlery, tableware and food packaging container. Bamboo has the unique natural fragrance, pure tone and sofe wood, is unmatched by other materials products, but its research and development and production is still in its infancy. 


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