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The four principles of jumbo bag design
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Jumbo bag design and use of the four principles 

1. The security 

Mainly refers to the strength of the bags. When the design according to the density of the goods (through the density of goods can calculate the most economic and reasonable size of bags) and state (powder need leakproof, granule not leak proof), cargo weight, consider the transportation distance and handling the number of how many, what means of transport and transportation methods. 

2. The sealing packaging materials is different, different sealing requirements. Such as powder or toxic substances, afraid of contaminated items are very strict on the sealing performance, easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp or mould material also has special requirements for air tightness. 

3. The usability 

In the design of bags, should fully consider customers to use specific ways and methods of the jumbo bag, such as lifting, transportation, loading the material performance, etc. 

4. Keep sex 

According to user's conditions of use, reasonable selection of materials, reasonable matching. Plastic products anti-aging ability under the sun exposure is currently more concern, and bags in the actual problems often encountered in the use process. 


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