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4-Loop FIBC Overview

4-Loop FIBC Overview
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Sinogroup Packaging’s extensive range of 4-Loop FIBCs (big bags) serves a wide variety of dry-bulk handling applications, providing customers with a safe and sturdy semi-bulk packaging solution. Special 4-Loop FIBCs have been developed to provide total containment for powder, granular, and flake products while protecting against hazards such as moisture and electrostatics. 4-Loop FIBCs can be designed and produced in different sizes and configurations to meet your and your customers’ needs.  

Sinogroup Packaging specializes in 4-Loop FIBCs for high-value, high-purity applications, such as chemicals, foods, and pharmaceuticals.  

★Our flat and circular weave designs provide maximum capacity and high tolerance against bulging, toppling and electrostatic shock.  

Sinogroup Packaging 4-Loop FIBCs can be constructed to address many pallet, transport, and storage needs.   

★UN-approved 4-Loop FIBCs can be produced for safe handling dangerous goods.  

★We offer a variety of tops, skirts, loops, filling and discharge spouts, and bottoms. Tops & bottoms  

★Our inner liners can be produced from polypropylene, aluminum, polyethylene, polyamide, and/or special materials.


Standard types of 4-Loop FIBCs  

Sinogroup Packaging 4-Loop FIBCs are custom-designed for specific customer needs. However, most of our 4-Loop FIBCs are broadly classified by the three standard constructions described below. Please contact us to learn which FIBC is best for your application.


Corner Loops  

★Flat fabric (U-panel or 4-panel) FIBCs  

★Lifting loops sewn to the vertical seams  


Cross Corner Loops  

★Circular or flat fabric  

★Lifting loops sewn cross corner 


Tunnel Loops  

★Flat Fabric  

★Lifting loops formed out of fabric 



Sinogroup Packaging 4-Loop FIBCs conform to the ISO 21898:2004 definitions for safe working load (SWL) and safety factors (SF)  

Other Definitions::  

★Single Trip: An FIBC designed and intended to be used for one filling only.。  

★Multi Trip (standard duty re-usable): An FIBC designed and intended to be used for a limited number of fillings and discharges. An FIBC of this category cannot be re-used if damaged, i.e. is not repairable. The replacement of a removable inner liner is allowed.  

★UN Dangerous Goods: designed to ensure safe transport of dangerous materials

Greif Formstable 4-Loop FIBCs – superior stability optimizes transport and storage  

Even when filled with product, a Greif Formstable FIBC maintains its straight sides. Bulging is prevented, and the entire package fits cleanly within the footprint of a pallet. This provides several money-saving benefits to customers:  

★Optimal transport loading – up to 30% more volume of your product can be packed in an ISO container or truck 

★More efficient warehouse storage  

★Enhanced stability in stacking and transport – greater product protection and safer for workers  

★Lower freight costs, less pallets, and fewer FIBCs  


Formstable 4-Loop FIBCs with Baffle  

One way that form-stability can be achieved is by sewing polypropylene “baffles” to sides of the FIBC, across each of the four corners. When the FIBC is filled, the baffles prevent the sides from bulging out – a stable shape is achieved.  

Sinogroup Packaging offers two types of baffles: 



Formstable 4-Loop FIBCs with Liners  

Standard Sinogroup Packaging 4-Loop FIBCs can also attain form-stability when fitted with Greif Formstable Liners. These polyethylene liners are constructed with inner, ultrasonically-welded corner panels that give the liners (and their outer bags) a stable, cube shape when filled with your products.  



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